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   Hangzhou Hengda sponge co.,Ltd,which was founded in 1999,is a professional company of manufacting polyurethane. The company is located near the Fuchun river,and beside 320 thruway and Hangxinjing highway,with convenient traffic.The company covers an aera of 23000 sq.m,including 18000 sq.m constrution area.
     Our company ingrated design,development,produce and service . At present, our company has over 70 employees and more than 10 engineering technical staffs adept in product development. Our products can fit more requirements of customers.
    Our company has one automatic foaming lines,one HSBF-11/15A manual foaming machine ,six cut machines of diffent types. Our flame-resistant products have passed tests for technical Bulletin 117 and the BS5852.
TEL: 0571-58508768
FAX: 0571-58507667
COPYRIGHT:Hangzhou Hengda sponge co.,Ltd,   
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